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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Valley Guardians


Now that I have managed to maintain input on the 'alivenliving' blog, it seemed apt to create a new space, an own space, for the Valley Guardians posts.

Check it out to find out where this is going...

And in the interim, I will continue posting information about the life I live with, at home on the WildCoast of the Eastern Cape, in an area previously known as the Transkei.

The life-forms we live with are multiple, varied and fascinating. This includes cut-roses, brought in from KwaZulu Natal to bloom there where I was assured they would not - about a mile from the sea, buffeted by winds both north and south, east and west - along with spiders, birds, insects, fish, plant life and of course, people.

Educating those who want to know is a part of the process but in the end, simple awareness of the richness and diversity of those we share our living with, has its own rewards.

Enjoy, comment, disagree...whatever floats your boat!

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