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Monday, 11 June 2012

Talk to me...even if it's just in text

I'll be busy for the next few days, with things that don't allow for much writing down, but have the time now though...

Some thinking through on my side has to happen before I'll attempt to research and write about a few things. The title of this post,
                                           'Talk to me...even if it's just in text'
is, I think, the one that I've encountered enough times, and in as many situations as makes them noticeable, and it begs 'penning'.

Another is my initial and later reactions to the statement: "...and mostly I miss the actual conversations more than the companionship...?!
really...well, I don't even have a comment yet, so it's being noted. At the outset I had it tacked on to the above statement but in separating them  

And last but not least is a question:
"Do you feel in any way 'connected' to your environment, drawing and giving energy that is conducive to growth, balancing this energy flow as you move through your environment? In which of the environments that you have lived have you felt most comfortable, performed better, been most productive?
This feels geographical to me, so my perceptions will probably focus more on the location, landscapes and inhabitants as a starting point.

What do you think?                                         Make a comment below and start a conversation?
Comments will be used as part of research on the topic, so please contribute in order that the picture I soundboard is as holistic as possible.


  1. Helen..Since you raised the topic about how Nature contributes to our growth and help recharging ourselves....Well..We are all stuck in this miserable traffic and pile load of work..We hardly get time to connect with our folks back home..leave aside Nature..But when once in a while , we take a vacation and stray out on a serene beach or the green mountains..Believe me..Its feels like paradise...You just dont feel like going back to the stereo typed life....The greenery, peace, calm and natural charm casts a spell on you which is very hard to avoid and come out off :)

    1. Thanks for talking to me...even if it's just in text...wanted to agree with you, then glanced out the window from my 16th story city perch, where I am at the moment, and watched, mesmerised, as a Paradise Fly-catcher darted in and out of the branches of a tree in a park, while catching lunch. I think we just forget to look and see...