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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Update - it's important!

So here's me burning the midnight oil researching topics about the latest project : LIFE ARTS. And there is so much information out there...and so much of it was started with good intent. The problem, I found, and it is quite extensive, is that all that good intent received no follow-up and the beautifully crafted husk is now an empty shell with post-dates of sometimes several years ago being the only testimony to what could have been.

Yes, the world wide web is amazing, wonderful, stupendously magnificent! But the deadwood is entangled in the reality of everyday topics and points a stern finger at our inability to ensure continuation of really good ideas through simple maintenance.

I'm a good one to talk, my journey was interrupted on several occasions since I started this blog and I did not maintain or follow up for a few years...BUT, oh yes, there's a but...if it's important (not just personal thoughts about life and it's randomness) surely there are others who can take on the task of updating.

When I was working for a hotel with 100%+ occupancies in-season and a hospitality management suite that never deletes anything, maintenance meant that every once in a while the database had to be cleaned up - a ginormous task, to say the least.

And this has me wondering...who's cleaning up the web? I know accounts on sites are disabled if unused for a certain time but some of the pages I have visited had last been updated a few years ago and in checking the history it was obvious that at some point, posts were happening daily and even several times a day...?

I can think of several reasons why a blog or site ends up just sitting own experience is testimony to life's interruptions and I can only hope that those who have stopped posting on sites where there's some really good information, will take up their task again.

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