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Friday, 6 December 2013

Business principles - to live by?

What if we apply the same principles used in business – we do stuff because it’s necessary where it’s most needed in a systematic way, governed by procedures, policies, protocols, NOT RULES. We substitute the monetary value with products and services, enforce a strict talent management system, and then build communities the same way we build business for…a ‘profitable’ outcome.

The idea of profit here is not the implication of having more than we need – it’s about having what’s necessary, not just nice. In discussion, it seems my idea may be simple rhetoric, good BUT, the base principle of profit is more than it takes. In other words, in order to have a product, I need the basics but I don’t need to be incentivised with more than the product I am consuming – no trimmings and trappings. It’s the idea of ‘infinite wants’, which is just a fallacy.

However, I believe that the actions of applying these ‘business’ principles will keep a lot of people busy, on a ‘ginormous’ and quite complex level, with sub-levels and extensions that can be looped back to ensure the sustainability of the entire ‘community of communities’.

We can start by matching everyone to establish their best habits through the Shadowmatch system, the psychometrists can follow by testing everyone to establish their characteristics, and the talent management sector can then step in, with arranging and monitoring people according to where they are best suited to contribute to a better world for all.

Or have I lost it completely and gone beyond mere idealism?

Surely we all have a contribution to make and will not be happy simply having our basic needs met (food in the cupboard, a cupboard for the food and a home to house the cupboard, clothing, education, health etc. – basics) and then…sitting around watching movies, playing games, sleeping?
Mankind is not inherently lazy and the happiest people I know, are those who do, and act, and live lives that require them to be actively involved where they make a difference, are rewarded with positive outcomes and selflessly give of their time and themselves.

In working together, we can make a difference in everyone’s lives and even though my head sometimes goes where others fear to tread, I believe collaboration’s time has come (again) and we now have the tools to implement the best ideas for the best possible reasons – our future and our children.

So yes, what if…?

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