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Monday, 15 July 2013

Talk, talk, talk...

Sometimes, when you least want to, you're confronted with a situation where you have to talk,and talk, and talk before you are able to action what you're talking about...and it's frustrating, infuriating and at times, debilitating.

In some of these situations the talking starts off with an explanation, then you have to answer questions because the explanation wasn't clearly understood, and then you have to expand on the explanation, when you realise your 'audience' still doesn't quite grasp what you've explained.

This is all good and well when talking to strangers, they don't know you, so can't be expected to understand where you're coming from. But when it's family and close friends, you have to ask yourself whether you are not being heard or understood, or are they who are listening, actually listening?

Good manners in conversation dictate that you first listen and then question or comment, but this 'etiquette' flies out the window with friends and family. There's interruptions, misunderstandings due to not listening to a full sentence or concept you are trying to put across, and pre-empting what you want to say, and my don't have to say anything, they already know where the conversation is going.

Perhaps the solution is to simply stop talking, just do, no explanations, no interaction - is this possible? I wonder...perhaps it should be tried and tested and if it works...bliss!

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