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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Letter to reader

...i've known this all along,
you see,
at the start of my writing
I was mostly
who you now are
- a reader.

But the more I write,
the more I have to write
to write it right...

because I
make my writings

What I publish
for all to see
and think about
maybe mention to someone
or use a phrase or a sentence
to build a scene
create a scenario... words do not belong to me
once I have written them down
and allowed them to be read
they belong to you
the reader.

when my words
make pictures in your head
or touch a chord
tug at a memory
make you think

or when they don't

the only way I will know this
is when you tell me.
So it is time... respond
in writing.

It is important to me
to know what your thoughts are
as important as it is
for you to practice your writing

This way we can both
practice this art
of writing
it right.

I await your response.

the Author

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  1. Absolutely....spoken the heart of any author! Very good!